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Hockey Scorebook

Software for Collecting and Maintaining Hockey Statistics

Hockey Scorebook is a scoring and statistics system that is suitable for any level of Hockey - from youth league to the pro's. Hockey coaches, players, scorekeepers and even fans will appreciate this program's combination of simplicity and functionality. 

Hockey Scorebook's uncluttered menus and entry screens, extensive use of pushbuttons and pick lists, and on-screen "status" display speed up data entry and make it possible to keep track of the game as information is entered. All necessary functions are accessible from one screen, making it easy to add and edit plays as they happen.

With a "game-time" or "play-by-play" approach to data entry, Hockey Scorebook maintains Real-Time Statistics. As the game is being entered, a statistics window is automatically refreshed and displays either team or individual results. Cumulative post-game statistics can be maintained for as many as 1000 games, and statistics can be printed or exported for use in other applications or in HTML format for posting on a web page.

Let Hockey Scorebook make your
scoring and statistics chores fun again !

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