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Software for Managing the Recruiting Process

Easy-Recruiter Version 5  enables college coaches to organize, manage and analyze the data associated with the Athletic Recruiting process.  Easy-Recruiter saves time, and makes it simple to maintain up-to-date information in an easy to access format, leading to a more efficient and effective recruiting process

Easy-Recruiter organizes information collected on recruiting prospect cards, information sheets and web site forms. A "contact log" makes it possible to document contacts with an athlete as well as track the status of recruits as they move through the recruiting process. A comprehensive collection of reports is included.

Easy-Recruiter Version 5

Easy-Recruiter Version 5 can be configured for any sport and works in single and multi-user environments.  

Improve the efficiency of your recruiting process...

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Easy-Recruiter Personal Edition  ................. $49

Easy-Recruiter Season Pass ......... $19.95/year

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Personal Edition - $49

Season Pass - 12 months - $19.95

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